About Us

There are a lot of blogs and websites on how to cope while raising a child with special needs. Heck, there are many articles that go along the lines of self-care tips to implement when raising a child with special needs. 

However, what if self-care isn’t possible due to the fact that you passed the point of burn out? Unfortunately, more often than not, special needs parents are extremely burned out, not heard, and not taken seriously. They are expected to forget that their needs have any importance because they must always be there for their kids with severe or complex special needs. 

Special needs parents are rarely taken seriously, are often thrown under the bus, and are always having to fight battles that they end up losing. They need a voice, and I am here to be their voice. I know because I have been there.

This blog is not another one that talks about how special needs parents need to become warriors and care for themselves because they have to buck up and deal with the hand they were given. No, this site is the opposite of that. 

It represents the real struggles that most special needs parents endure, especially if they have disabled kids that have severe or complex needs. They are often ignored and even mocked. And for those parents such as myself who had no other choice but to transition their special needs child to a residential school or group home are told they are ‘lazy’, or they ‘should have tried harder’ and are not supported. 

It is time the judgement ends, and it is time that the bad and ugly about how stressful special needs parenting is out there. Yes, it will make the average person squirm but that is good if it does because it means that the voice is being heard. 

There are so many stories of successful disabled people such as Dr. Temple Grandin that has autism, or that man with Down’s Syndrome who opened up his own restaurant. That is wonderful but that is not the reality for many. And it is time that everyone knows what life is like when attempting to raise and care for a child with special needs. 

There is a reason that the colors have been chosen for this site. Yellow represents the solar plexus chakra which is all about confidence and power, and blue is the throat chakra. That is about having a voice and having the ability to express themselves. This site has those colors because that was the motivation behind the creation of that. Go and read the posts, and please educate yourself on how parents of children with severe or complex special needs are affected.